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Our Mission Is the Protection of People and Assets Whenever and Wherever We Are Needed

We are the original developers of earth-filled barrier technology. Since 1991 our products have been deployed in the most hostile parts of the world, saving countless lives and billions of dollars worth of mission critical assets.

We protect homes from nature’s fiercest storms; keeping emergency routes open, hospitals running and offering temporary housing for those displaced by conflict or natural disaster. Rapidly deployable and readily available; we invest in solutions to reduce logistical burdens when faced with an emergency situation. 

HESCO barriers began with the idea of one man: Jimi Heselden. He needed to protect a property that faced being destroyed by fierce storms on the coast of North Yorkshire, UK, so he developed a wire-mesh gabion system that allowed him to construct the protective wall that saved his family home. This innovation would become the HESCO Concertainer Unit, acknowledged as the most significant development in field fortification since WWII.


Hesco RAID is the result of 15 years of design and engineering, to reinvent a significant life-saving product used by the military, to save even more.

Halving transportation requirements, minimizing the manpower needed to successfully deploy, and providing cover at a speed never seen before.

RAID raises personnel protection to a new level, facing the evolving changes of overseas conflict, border security, and perimeter protection, head-on.

Security Barriers

With continuous risk to national security and many unpredictable challenges to contend with, you need confidence in the security solutions you select.

HESCO Security Barriers offer the best in public safety and security with minimal disruptions and little or no impact on the surrounding environment and corporate aesthetics.

These high security solutions will enable businesses to operate as normal with complete confidence and peace of mind, reassuring customers, shareholders and suppliers.

Protecting public spaces with TERRABLOCK

TERRABLOCK is designed with public security and safety with confidence as a priority, offering the best in surface-mounted protection with minimal impact on environment and aesthetics, allowing people and businesses to operate as normal with peace of mind.

The original, unique and defining feature of TERRABLOCK is the ability to transform flat packed units into structures using minimal manpower, handling equipment and fill material.

Technical Support

HESCO Technical Support are with you throughout the project journey, from design to installation and maintenance.

We ensure our solution meets the project requirements and can train your security and construction teams.

Our support and training packages are available around the world and allow end users a direct line of communication from inquiry to installation and maintenance, ensuring your security and defense is not compromised.

Classroom based training sessions or real-time scenario installations can be coordinated by our Technical Support Team on location.

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Services Hesco Provide

Products & Solutions


Military-grade protection for law enforcement. HESCO® products have been protecting brave men and women in the military for more than 20 years.


Accomodation bunker. Protection in volatile environments


Lightweight flood barrier. JACKBOX’s innovative and flexible design means it can be rapidly deployed to provide quick flood protection in emergency situations.


MIL's unrivalled innovative design has safeguarded personnel, vehicles, equipment, facilities and other critical assets for governments, the military and humanitarian and civilian operations for over two decades.

Rising Arm Barrier

Controlled access without compromising security. TERRABLOCK RAB can stop a truck weighing 6800kg travelling at 40mph, forcing the vehicle to a complete stop within 5-meters.


For rapid deployment and instant protection. The Rapid in-theatre Deployment (RAID) has a purposely designed release mechanism so pre-joined standard or recoverable MIL units can be quickly deployed.


Safe and secure observation points. Our Ground Mounted and Elevated Sangars are modular units enable your personnel to safely observe the perimeter or control entry points.


Based on our military grade Concertainer™, HESCO flood barriers can be deployed quickly and easily. They enable you to construct flood defenses without the need for specialized tradesmen or equipment.


This range combines surface-mounted barrier protection with mesh engineering for high security for people and places. Designed for corporate and civilian environments, providing security without disrupting and impacting the surrounding environment.


When working in hostile and isolated parts of the world, you need an equipment provider who can support your developments, seamlessly integrate into your plans and supply flexible frameworks for your individual requirements. We do just that.


Design any formation. MIL units can be used to create custom maze-like training structures which can be used as: 360ᵒ Assault Bays, Pistol & Rifle Rangers and Shoot Houses with multi-vehicles assault bays and close quarter training.


Our team of technical engineers will help you draw up plans that can be applied to a range of different flood scenarios. From storm surges to gradual rising flood waters, we’ll draw up plans that can work flexibly to a range of scenarios.

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