Hesco Host First MIY Marketing Working Group


Hesco, who manufacture rapidly deployable barrier systems, welcomed 15 marketeers to its Leeds site earlier this week. The group discussed marketing in the manufacturing sector and covered artificial intelligence, the new GDPR regulations that come into force in May and using visualisation and video.

In regards to Artificial Intelligence, different approaches were discussed. The group agreed the usefulness of LinkedIn as a tool for marketing, highlighting targeted advertisement and sponsored content. Others agreed that it is a good tool for selling as you can contact the right people straight away through the message feature. Most MDs and CEOs of manufacturing firms are on LinkedIn, which helps with the connectability for marketeers. It was agreed that LinkedIn is an effective and reliable source of online networking for manufacturers.

The GDPR, which comes into effect in May, was discussed with most of the members stating they knew nothing about it. Jenny Rennocks, of Clarion Solicitors, was able to give some insight into it, as Clarions are working with manufacturers beforehand (click here for article). She advised the group to the new regulations that involve receivers having to ‘opt in’ to their information being shared. There also have to be transparency between company and consumer, as all data movement has to be tracked and traced. This will be policed by fines up to €20million. The group agreed it would like someone with indepth knowledge  of the GDPR to come and speak at the next Marketing Working Group.

It was discussed that visualisation was a key part of marketing, and that these days, more people will sit and watch a video than read text. Adam John, of Tudor Freight, stated that videos should be fun and interactive, and give consumers a chance to see the company.

The next Marketing Working Group will be held in the new year. If you’d like any more information or to receive the minutes, please contact [email protected].